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Founded in 1999, SRI Technologies pioneered systems that enhanced productivity of PeopleSoft Consultants. It may be a development or a maintenance tasks, SRI Technologies provide tools that simplifies day-to-day routine jobs ensuring higher productivity while maintaining high standard and quality of work.

AePlus is a productivity tool that provides developers with a user friendly front-end through which they can run, test and debug AppEngine programs more efficiently thereby cutting down development effort and time. This results in time saving as well as improved quality outcome.

AePlus Reporting System Plug-in is a unique product that enhances PeopleSoft Application Engine tool to produce high quality pdf reports using PeopleCode.

SqrPlus is a collection of tools that provide an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The product is aimed at providing Systems Analyst/Programmers with a tool for developing and maintaining SQR programs easily and efficiently thereby cutting down System Development/Maintenance time significantly.

SqrPlus optionally enables developers to define global/local variables before they can be used. This eliminates many hidden/unknown bugs in the program. Further SqrPlus offers a comprehensive Workbench and a unique user friendly (GUI) on-line interactive Debugger, which helps debug highly complex programs with minimum possible time thereby saving several hours of developer's expensive time.

SqrPlus uses your SQR/SQRW product without any modifications. SqrPlus provides windows GUI user interface but allows development/maintenance of sqr programs directly on remote machine that may be with windows or non-windows operating bsystem (e.g. Unix). In particular, with Sritech Remote Server Agent, development/maintenance work can directly be performed on Unix machine while enjoying windows GUI interface.

In addition SqrPlus comes with a unique Document Generation System (ADS) which provides program documentation at a click of the mouse. This document is always up-to-date as it comes from the horse's mouth - the most boring and time consuming task in software development Automated!!!.

Further, Event Driven SQRs (termed as EDS) - a methodology that ensures fast development of SQR programs that is fast not only first time but every time when further maintenance/enhancement is required. It is very different to a drag-drop GUI methodology that promises fast development but only first time and demands more and more efforts when programs are revisited for general maintenance or enhancement. EDS is a code-based methodology. With EDS you will save time each visit as past efforts are never wasted. With EDS, people with limited SQR programming skills can produce high quality and accurate reports.

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